The Joint replacement Department of Usha Mission Hospital  has long been at the forefront of joint replacement care, providing innovative and high-quality diagnosis and treatment. Our staff continually works on raising the standards of care for joint replacement, including the development of new surgical protocols and designing better implants. Working within this innovative environment, our experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeons offer partial and total hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, replacement surgeries to help hundreds of patients return to comfortable and productive lives each year.

Bone sparing hip replacement surgeries for young patients

Many young patients suffering from arthritis of hip joint or avascular necrosis of hip joint develop severe pain. They are unable to carry out their day to day activities.

These patients are treated with total hip replacement surgery. Traditional total hip replacement needs sacrifice of large quantity of normal bone making future surgeries difficult.

A new version of total hip replacement has been developed by Aesculap Germany where there is no damage to the normal bone. Very little bone is sacrifice and in case the patient needs future surgery after 30 years, it is very easy to do.

This hip surgery is called short stem or METHA hip system.

Another advantage of short stem THR (Total Hip Replacement) is that it can be done through smaller incisions without any blood loss. There is minimal damage to soft tissues leading to very fast recovery, there is no residual