The department of Oncology comprises of facilities for chemotherapy and surgery. The department works with an aim to deliver the highest quality care to patients with provision of individualized, personalized approach to every patient as we at Usha Mission Hospital understand the inconvenience and burden for cancer patients and their family members. All chemotherapies are prescribed and managed by highly experienced medical oncologists, who are well versed in managing their side effects.

Department of Oncology  at Usha Mission Hospital deals with prevention,diagnosis and treatment of cancer with special emphasis on early recovery,patient and family members education and emotional support as we understand the burden and inconvenience of cancer patients. We provide all relevant amenities for diagnosis of cancer including CT Scans, X-Rays, blood tests, Endoscopes,PAP smears and biopsies.

We are committed to provide highest quality of care at affordable rates in the field of Medical and Surgical Oncology.